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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Hard Wax Oil

Protect and leave your wood looking beautiful

Hard Wax Wood Oils are a great way to protect your wooden floor, furniture, counter tops etc without having a huge amount of work to do. A bit of simple preparation by sanding followed by brushing or ragging on. Simple!

Aidol HW Oil from Remmers enhances and protects wooden floors, stairs and other wooden surfaces with a clear blend of natural maintenance oils which penetrate deeply and show off the wood grain to beautiful effect.

Great for wood and cork floors as well as wooden furniture that takes a beating.

Really easy to use and very tough once dry. A natural look with great long term protection from stains, damage and marking.

Aidol HW Oil is clear and suitable for indoor areas on practically all types of wood. It penetrates deeply into the wood emphasising the natural grain.

What can I use it for?

  • Wooden floor hard wax wood oil
  • Parquet floor hard wax wood oil
  • Wooden stairs hard wax wood oil
  • Unvarnished hard wax wood oil
  • Solid furniture hard wax wood oil
  • Wooden kitchen counter top wood oil
  • Wooden panel oil
  • Wooden mouldings oil
  • Cork surface wood oil

How do I use it?

  1. Apply straight from the can by brush or rag onto finely sanded surfaces (100-180 grit) paper
  2. Apply one or sometimes two coats
  3. Allow to soak in and dry. Easy!
Get me some Hard Wax Oil for Floors Aidol HW Oil

What might I use it instead of?

Get me some Hard Wax Oil for Floors Aidol HW Oil


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